FERRY COUNTY, Wash. – Several homes in Ferry County are on the verge of tipping into the Sanpoil River.

The high waters have already caused plenty of problems and it's not just along the river. The ground is so saturated, it is washing debris into culverts and in many places the water just has nowhere else to go. On Friday, the Colville Tribe said the river itself is still going up.

A home near Republic began tip after about 100 feet of riverbank below the house completely gave way on Sunday. His home is perched on the edge, ready to fall in at any moment. Emergency crews said they helped the homeowner get some of his belongings out, but when the foundation started to crack apart, they had to evacuate. His house isn't the only one.

The Colville Confederated Tribes said there are about 10 more homes on tribal land now in danger of being washed away. That includes one home south of Keller that is now at risk of sliding down the embankment.

Continuous flooding and high water in the river is completely eroding the shoreline. Entire roads are washing away in every corner of Ferry County. A section of Highway 395 is destroyed near Colville, after overnight flooding broke away the asphalt.

Nearly a dozen other roads about 15 miles north of Kettle Falls are also underwater, or almost underwater. The flooding has forced plenty of detours and power outages.

On Friday, tribal leaders said they think they're through the worst of it but it will be a while longer before the threat is over.

The other problem is, once the floodwaters go down, the damage is still there. The Washington Department of Transportation doesn't even know yet how long it will take to repair Highway 395.