KELLER, Wash. --- A Ferry County home slid into the Sanpoil River on Sunday. As of Thursday, it was still tilted and partially in the water.

Cody Desautel, the natural resource director for the Colville Confederated Tribes, said there had been about 100 feet of bank there that got swept away. He said crews had helped the homeowner move things from his house for a few hours as the flooding progressed, but once the foundation began to crack, they had to get out.

He said no one was hurt in that incident.

(Photo: Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation)

Another home, on the south side of Keller, is at risk for sliding down a newly formed embankment after his land was also washed away.

(Photo:Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation)

“We’ve just got a lot of, a pretty good snowpack and a lot of precip,” explained Desautel. “We got snow early before we had a lot of frost on the ground, so I think a lot of moisture is in the ground… I think the ground is completely saturated and there’s nowhere else for it to go.”

Roads in the area have been flooding as well, but Desautel said he was hoping for the best.

“I think we’re past the worst of it,” he said.

Ferry County Sheriff's Office reported Barnaby Creek S. side road was closed for water over the roadway at mile post .3-.5.