DALTON GARDENS, Idaho — Authorities said Rodney Russell was walking along the road in Dalton Gardens when a driver hit him and then left him for dead. As of Tuesday, he is still in the hospital.

His recovery could take several more months if not years. His family said they are not sure if he will ever be the same.

Russell’s mom, Brenda, said she is still having a hard time coming to terms with what happened to her son.

"What human being has those values? I don't get it. I don't understand,” Russell's mom said. "He was really kind of mowed down like a dog, and just left there to die."

At first, Russell was left in a coma. Now he is awake, but with a traumatic brain injury.

“He'll never be the same is what I've been told by the neurologist,” Brenda Russell said.

The medical care Russell has been receiving is not cheap and his mom said his medical bills have already climbed to over half a million dollars.

Authorities said they have found the driver they think is responsible but the investigation remains active and charges have not come down yet.
"Who's responsible for it?” Russell’s mom said. “I think somebody needs to do some soul searching."

Russell’s mom said how the crash played out is a mystery. What she does know is that the lives of both her and her son have been changed forever.

Before the hit and run, Russell was caring for his mom after a recent surgery of hers.

All of this comes just barely over a year after Russell’s dad and Brenda’s husband died.

Russell’s family said once he is out of the hospital, years of therapy are likely to follow. For now, the family is relying on donations from a GoFundMe page and an account that's been set up at Wells Fargo