SPOKANE, Wash. --- The Spokane Arena is asking concert goers to be prepared before attending one of their many concerts this weekend.

Journey will play the Spokane Arena on Thursday, with opening act Asia. Eric Church will play Friday and Saturday the Spokane Chiefs will take on the Tri-City Americans.

Last week, many people waiting to see Elton John got stuck in a long line outside the arena.

This weekend, Spokane Arena officials said they are taking even more precaution to make sure everyone gets inside.

“We open the doors at 6:30,” said Matt Gibson, from the Spokane Arena. “We’re going to have folks outside well before that though.”

Gibson said they planned to have additional personnel working to get people inside, and more people outside with flashlights and vests directing people through the metal detectors.

“We did see a higher than average percentage of people trying to bring in things that they shouldn’t,” said Gibson of the Elton John concert goers. “Back in the day when concerts were more fun and less security driven, that was okay. Now, it’s like ‘just leave it at home, guys.’”

Ahead of this weekend, arena officials are asking fans to do the following:

  • Bring only essential items needed for the event you are attending.
  • If you bring a camera other than your mobile device, please ensure that it fits within your front pants pocket. No detachable lens cameras will be permitted.
  • Leave ALL weapons at home. Weapons may include firearms, pocketknives and wallet chains.
  • On-duty police officers in uniform are welcome any time.
  • Off-duty police officers will be allowed in with weapons at a later date; until that time, please leave your weapons home
  • Private citizens are asked to please leave their weapons at home as they will not be allowed into the venue.

Again, doors will open at 6:30 p.m. Thursday an hour before Asia is slated to take the stage.

Since October, the arena has enforced more security in response to high-profile shootings across the country. So, the arena added metal detectors and bag searches. Since then, the arena says it has worked to prepare the community for heightened security.

On a related note, for anyone driving to the concert, parking lots operated by the Spokane Arena also only accept cash.