The city of Everett may force workers at the area's infamous bikini barista stands to cover up under a proposed dress code.

The ordinance includes language that says areas like the breasts, stomach, buttocks and the top three inches of the leg below the buttocks would have to be covered.  It’s a proposal that some owners and baristas do not like.

The owner of Everett’s Dream Bean, who would only identify herself as T.J., said they wear the same amount of clothing as someone at a beach.  She called the proposed dress code ridiculous.

“We make great coffee, and we take pride in the beans and the way we make our espresso,” T.J. said. She added that wearing bikinis or lingerie is a way of differentiating from other stands. “It's just cute girls making really good coffee.”

In the proposed law, the city says “flashing” and “acts of prostitution” have been ongoing problems. The city says it’s spent the last several years trying to deal with those issues and says that enforcement has been “labor intensive.”

It's not clear when the legislation will be formally introduced, but there will be an opportunity for public comment.