Boise County is going to be a bustling place this weekend with both cars and people. Hundreds plan to go catch a glimpse of the more than 50 drivers making their way through the backwoods. It’s all a part of the 11th annual Idaho Rally.

Drivers from all across the West will compete in 13 separate stages, all vying for the best overall time.

"The total mileage for the races is 135,” clerk of the course Rob Blout said.

It makes it one of the longest rallies not only in the West, but the country. It goes from Horseshoe Bend to Placerville to Centerville.

"To date this year, we have more entries than any other rally so far in the West. So we're really pleased with that, it really shows our program is growing and getting more popular and that's what we like,” Blout said.

This is the 8th year Blout has been the clerk of the course, however this year has a little more meaning.

"It's a nervous time for dad, but it's exciting time for the organizer part of me,” Blout said.

Rob’s daughter, Sarah Helmick, has helped organize the rally with him for nearly a decade.

“Sponsor coordinator, volunteer coordinator, I've done zero car,” Helmick said.

This year though, she’s put on a different hat.

“Now, I'm actually competing, so I'm on the other side of it,” Helmick said.

This will be Sarah’s first time ever competing in the event she’s helped organize; racing on the roads she grew up on in Centerville.

“For me, I'm just wanting to finish. It's my first event. So finishing is winning,” Helmick said.

A goal for dad too.

“Well of course I would like to see her win, but because it is her first event. Two things that I told her, first of all be safe. Secondly, finish. Everything else is a plus after that,” Blout said.

The Idaho Rally starts on Saturday at 10 a.m. at the bottom of Harris Creek near Horseshoe Bend.

More information, including road closures and spectator spots can be found at the Idaho Rally website.