SPOKANE, Wash. – On the outside of Limelyte Technology it looks like your average office building, but it has a creepy past few know about.

Before the building on West 3rd Avenue housed technology experts, it was used to house the dead. It was built in 1911 and became the Buchanan Funeral home.

Chet Caskey is a Spokane historian and ghostologist. He said there is something very eerie about the building and at least 15 people in the building have reported seeing ghosts.

One of the most chilling sights in the building is in the basement. It once served as a furnace room in the 1900s. In the back-right corner of what now serves as a rec room, is a boarded-up doorway. Behind the wooden siding, Caskey said there is a stone slab door filled with cement.

“The original renovators and contractors of this building told me that they did not know where that door went,” Caskey explained.

He said the contractors told him it would be very expensive and cause a big mess if they ever tried to figure out where the door leads to. So, it would have to remain a mystery.

“Mystery it is because straight above us now is the entrance to the sidewalk on 3rd Avenue above us,” he said. “Where does this big, huge door go? Is there a room behind it? Is there some explanations to the ghost stories here because of it? Does it lead to one of the 11 miles of tunnels in Downtown Spokane that crisscross the entire Downtown area? We don’t know and we may never know.”

In the main hallway of Limelyte is what looks like a closet. The closet used to be a coffin elevator. Caskey said when the building was a funeral home, the bodies of the deceased were prepared in the basement and they used the elevator to bring the bodies to the showing rooms on the main floor. It was hand operated by rope.

“The stories of the catafalque ghosts and the dark annoying sometimes nauseating presence in here are quite numerous,” said Caskey. “It does have quite the history behind it.”

The office manager at Limelyte technologies said they have had several paranormal investigations done on the building.