Rachel Dolezal, the former Spokane NCAAP leader who pretended to be black until a few years ago when her parents revealed she is white, appeared on the national Dr. Phil Show Monday afternoon.

Right off the bat, Dr. Phil asked Dolezal about her hesitance to agree to the interview, saying she did not want to be confronted again. She told him she was hesitant in 2014 to do any interviews until her whole story was written.

Dolezal has been making the rounds on national television ahead of the release of her new book titled “In Full Color: Finding my place in the Black and White World.”

In the interview that aired Monday, she maintained she was born to two white parents but claims to have an authentic black identity.

(Photo: Dr. Phil)

She also said she would have changed the way she handled the situation.

“I would probably have a conversation with those close to me about what was about to happen and…I don’t think I could have stopped it,” she told Dr. Phil.

“Your parents came out with a narrative that is old news, then it doesn’t blow up right?” asked Dr. Phil.

“You think if I held a press conference that would have helped?” Dolezal asked him. “I just say out of the blue I just had this idea that I need to say something?”

“Oh yes,” Dr. Phil replied. “Absolutely.”

Dolezal seemed to flip flop on when she began to identify as black. At one point, she told Dr. Phil she identified as black at the age of four. Later, she claimed she self-identified as black in college at 26 years old.

Dr. Phil went on to ask if Dolezal agreed with the statement that she pretended to be black and perpetuated a lie that upset a lot of people.

Dolezal flat out disagreed, saying “It’s not something I faked…it’s me being me.”