Spokane, Wash. — Many in the Spokane area are getting ready to perform and showcase their talents as part of First Night Spokane.

Competitors join the event to win big at the start of the new year.

Two of those competitors: Weston Yarbrough and Amanda Darr. The pair has been dancing together for the past two years.

"Our style of swing dancing is vintage swing dancing out of the 20s, 30s and 40s,” Yarbrough said.

They are getting ready to compete in First Night Spokane at the Double Tree Hotel on New Year's Eve. While they look good dancing together, Yarbrough and Darr will actually be competing against one another.

"We like to compete against each other and see who can best each other out,” Yarbrough said

Yarbrough has been dancing for two years. Darr has been dancing for around 15 years.

"I really enjoy the social aspect of it, you know, how you can dance with other people and just have this connection that you don't necessarily have with just regular people,” Yarbrough said.

Both Yarbrough and Darr hope to win over a panel of judges by connecting with the music.

"Meeting new people and experiencing the same thing at the same time for that moment is really cool,” Darr said. "I love competing, I love showing off, I love --- not just in the connection with my partner but then like people are watching you, they are clapping for you and you make a connection with them out on the floor and they go crazy."

"I get nervous when I start but then once I finally get on the dance floor, I just dance like I'm normally dancing,” Yarbrough.