AIRWAY HEIGHTS, Wash. – Home sales in the Spokane area are up more than nine percent.

But with the recent water crisis, what's happening with homes in Airway Heights?

Airway Heights homeowners, Ben and Richelle Gier, put their house on the market Tuesday. They live on the West side of Hayford Road, where the water is contaminated. However, they do not expect any problems selling their home, that they built from the ground up.

"We both knew that eventually the water situation would be taken care of,” Ben said.

While you might assume the housing market in Airway Heights is in a rough spot right now, data from the Spokane Association of Realtors suggest the opposite.

The SAR said over the last 30 days there have been two more closed sales in Airway Heights this year compared to last year.

SAR also said that the overall inventory of homes for sale is down 17.5 percent compared to last year.

Janet Robel, a realtor with Codwell Banker, said that's not a bad thing.

"It's great for sellers. We're still looking for lots of inventory to put on the market,” Robel said. “Buyers are having maybe a bit tougher time, but there's great homes out there, and the market is doing great."

Airway Heights residents looking to sell their home will have to disclose that their water is contaminated.

The realtor said that hasn't stopped buyers from showing interest.

While the housing market in Airway Heights doesn't appear to be significantly affected by the water contamination, a realtor with Windermere Real Estate, Stephanie Peterson, said her one listing in Airway Heights has done fewer showings lately because of the contamination.

Peterson said it is understandable potential buyers maybe a bit cautious.

However, she also said they should take advantage of this opportunity of not having to deal with competing bids.