SPOKANE, Wash. – The City of Spokane recently announced it is looking to fix Mirror Pond’s excessive algae growth in South Hill’s Manito Park.

The City said it would like to see this green murky water turn into something that is fresh so park goers can see the fish swimming around. Garrett Jones with City parks said his department is looking into designing a filtration system to circulate the pond water.

“Water quality is our number one focus moving forward and we think we have a lot of opportunity and there’s a lot of technology out there,” Jones said.

Jones explained the water would run through underground pumps and filters and return to the pond through pipes or waterfalls. He also mentioned the department is even considering the benefits of irrigation as well.

“So cleaning the water, but using the pond as a reservoir that keeps the water moving, keeps the water temperature cool,” Jones explained.

According to the master plan to renovate Mirror Pond, it is expected to cost about $308,000 for a built-in filtration system, along with adding more trees and plants. This would help achieve the goal of lowering the water temperature and slowing algae growth.

Jones said the City could also decide to drain the pond completely and start from scratch, but it has to consider the best way to preserve the pond’s ecosystem. Jones said he expects to have an approved plan by late winter or early spring. In the meantime, Jones wanted to remind people not to feed the ducks.