LIBERTY LAKE, Wash. – The Central Valley School District went on a modified lock down on Monday morning, after apparently hearing of an “unconfirmed potential threat in the area,” according to an alert sent to parents.

Just after 1 p.m., the school district lifted the lock down after hearing from law enforcement that "there is not a viable threat in the area," according to an email sent to parents.

Liberty Lake PD told KREM 2 earlier in the day they had looked into the threat, which they had heard about from an anonymous tip. The tip said someone had made a threat on Facebook, but police said they were unable to locate the post and did not believe it to be credible.

Officials said they were not investigating the matter further, and it was the decision of the school district to go into modified lock down.

Central Valley School District sent an email to parents informing them of the situation and said students would go about their daily business unaffected. The modified lock down meant they limited access to the buildings.

Some Facebook groups in Liberty Lake speculated the threats had been made by an unstable student, however, Liberty Lake PD rebuffed that, saying they "don't have anything on an unstable student making threats" to report.

Spokane County Sheriff's Office confirmed they had several school resource officers who helped investigate the case, and added some extra patrols on Monday.

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