BONNERS FERRY, Idaho – Idaho Transportation Department crews caught a hillside sliding near U.S. 95 on video on Friday.

ITD said 800 cubic yards of debris slid onto the road and no one was injured. In video, ITD Land Surveyor Matthew Wilson was recording as mud, rocks and trees slid down, pushing two layers of concrete barriers off the road. Wilson said he heard popping, cracking and knew another slide was going to happen.

Wilson also used a drone to examine the slide again on Tuesday. But when it comes to trying to get the upper hand on mother nature, that's about all that can be done sometimes.

"Landslides are very hard to predict. Usually, they end up coming down on us and we react," said ITD official Mike Lenz.

ITD officials said flaggers on scene quickly stopped traffic and three minutes later the hillside gave way. Crews were able to clear the debris from the road Friday evening.

As of Wednesday, ITD leaders said they are keeping one lane open on this section of the road for the safety of the public. They said cars will travel on the southbound lane, away from the hillside and flaggers will direct traffic.

Officials said the hillside is still unstable and they are working with geology specialists to assess the situation.

ITD officials said they are monitoring a few other active areas in North Idaho. Those include Highways 57, 3, and Highway 97 near Harrison.