Boundary County Sheriff’s Office said Fish and Game has set a trap up near the city yard to catch the wandering city bear.

Officials asked people to keep away from the trap and not disturb it.

BCSO reminded people to keep trash picked up and not outside. They reported this includes barbeques that have grease or remnants of food in them.

The Boundary County Sheriff’s Office warned residents of Bonners Ferry to watch for a young bear wandering the city streets.

BCSO said Monday afternoon they had gotten several reports of the bear rummaging through trash, then moving on. They said it was seen around Oak Street, then most recently on the west side of Madison Street.

BCSO said Fish and Game, along with Bonners Ferry Police are keeping a close eye on the animal and “appreciate everyone’s assistance in not making him/her too comfortable.”

If anyone has snapped a photo of this bear from a safe distance, please email