BONNERS FERRY, Idaho – The man accused of killing his fiancé said the victim had threatened him and his family with the Hells Angels, according to court documents.

The Boundary County Sheriff's Office identified the victim, who was killed inside her home, as Jesseka Musson, 38. Officials arrested and charged Eric Dante, 36, with first degree murder. It happened at the Cedar Court Trailer Park Monday morning.

Court documents said when deputies arrived at the home, Dante was found at the end of Cedar Court on his knees in the middle of the driveway with his hands behind his back. Dante told deputies there had been a homicide and his fiancé Musson was dead from a knife wound, according to court records. Deputies detained Dante and found a Buck knife sheath in his left rear pants pocket.

Officials then went into the home and found Musson unresponsive with a fixed blade knife next to her head, court documents stated.

Court records state that Dante told law enforcement he killed Musson in self-defense. He told them she was threatening his family with the Hells Angels. A detective then stopped him and read him his rights. Dante continued to talk about how he and his family had been threatened by the Hells Angels, according to court records. He told the detective this all started after he and Musson were drinking and got crazy. Then, he asked for an attorney but continued to talk and said he would go to prison for his daughter, according to court documents.

Dante then asked the detective if Musson was dead. Court documents stated that when he found out she was dead he said, “That’s what happens to liars.”

Dante is being held on a bond of $1 million.