BONNER COUNTY, Idaho – He was nominated for best actor at the Oscars earlier in 2017 and now he is dealing with a burglary at a rural North Idaho home he owns.

According to court documents, a Bonner County woman ransacked Viggo Mortensen's home. Officials said they do not believe he was specifically targeted in the burglary.

Mortensen is best known for his role in 'Lord of the Rings.' The off-screen Mortensen, according to sources, is much more laid back, private and is a fan of North Idaho. He owns a rural home north of Clark Fork in Bonner County.

According to court documents, Mortensen's caretaker was living in the home at the time. After being gone all day, the caretaker came home to find several items gone or overturned. According to court documents, he found several broken dinner plates and upended furniture.

Missing from the home were two rifles, a shotgun, pocket knives, and antlers, among other things. Officials said it is hard to tell if all of those things belonged to the caretaker or if any of them were Mortensen's.

The land was purchased by Viggo from a local family's estate. A member of that family, Sharyl Hoskins, was quickly labeled as a suspect. Witnesses had said that Hoskins had recently been acting strange and was claiming that her family still owned the home, which is now Mortensen's.

When questioned by Sheriff's deputies, court documents said that Hoskins confessed to the crime. Hoskins had stated that she went to the home looking for the caretaker. She then let herself in, took one look around, and then "lost control," grabbing a guitar and knocking stuff around.

Deputies said they then found the stolen stuff inside Hoskins' home in Clark Fork and charged her with grand theft.

Hoskins bond was set at $10,000 on Monday. She will appear in court later in May.