SANDPOINT, Idaho – When was the last time you saw a road sign that warned you of turtles crossing?

Well, if you are traveling on Highway 200 outside of Sandpoint in North Idaho, that is exactly what you will see.

The Idaho Transportation Department said it was contacted by a passionate area resident who asked for the signs to be put up. They said the resident was apparently tired of seeing turtle roadkill.

The ITD then reached out to Fish and Game to see if the stretch of road in question had enough turtles nearby to warrant a sign being put up. Fast forward to Summer 2016, and it appears there were indeed enough turtles.

"They're pretty slow animals," explained Susie Lewis. "So they may need a little help every now and then."

Lewis helps hatch wild turtles that live near the pond on her property near Highway 200.

"I'm very entertained by them," she explained. "I like to see them thrive."

The sign went up last July. ITD said the sign will hopefully prevent drivers from swerving to miss the turtles.

"I like the sign," said Lewis. "I think it will make people aware. And I'm glad to see it."