BONNER COUNTY, Idaho – Officials with the railway company BNSF said Tuesday they have asked the Idaho Transportation Department to keep both southbound lanes of US 95 closed for the next 24 to 48 hours.

On Monday, multiple cars derailed close to the roadway, spilling grain and posing a danger to drivers. Immediately after, BNSF closed southbound lanes of travel and directed them over to the northbound lanes.

Officials said between 25 to 27 cars derailed. The plan is to move the cars to the side of the tracks and most would be cut up.

Crews planned to repair the track overnight. Roughly 60 trains travel that line per day – including two Amtrak trains.

ITD engineers have been unable to determine the extent of the damage the derailment caused. Primary concern focuses on an approach to US 95 where the cars derailed.