SANDPOINT, Idaho – The Sandpoint airport has not had much luck finding bow hunters to deal with problem deer on the runway.

For years, The Sandpoint airport has been dealing with a local deer population that has become too comfortable here.

Efforts to scare the animals away has not worked.

Starting last year, the airport began to trap the deer in the devices.

Wildlife officials told airport staff that the lilkelyhood of a deer surviving if they were to be relocated was not good.

"You do not trap deer to just trap deer. You have to do something," said Bonner county airport director, Jim Kaiser.

Airport leaders said after they trap the deer, the deer processed is and the venison is donated to a local food bank. As of Friday, 400 pounds of meat have been donated since they started.

In November 2014, the airport got permission from city officials to bring out local archers to help kill off some of the problem deer because they became a safety hazard. But despite the hunters coming out five times between November and December, not a single deer was hit.