BONNER CO., Idaho – A family in North Idaho lost their home and possibly everything inside to a mudslide over the weekend.

North of Sandpoint on Oliver Road, firefighters had to rescue the Gay family who had become trapped in their home because of a mudslide on Saturday.

Cara McClinton said she was at home with her three children when they heard a huge roar. She saw mud rushing toward the home and they took cover. McClinton said they were hit with about four to five feet of mud. Everyone got a little banged up but they were ok.

"As a parent, the only thing you're thinking of is 'are my kids okay,'" McClinton said. "I heard my girls from my house screaming, asking if I'm alive and okay and safe. I couldn't move, so I was telling them it was okay and trying not to freak them out."

The McClinton’s are being helped by the American Red Cross and a GoFundMe has been set up.

According to a GoFundMe, they have not been able to go through the house to see what is salvageable.