SANDPOINT, Idaho. — It's the first day on the job for K9 Nova, one of the newest members of the Bonner County Sheriff's Office.

Nova is certified in finding drugs and is now the second dog they have used to detect drugs. By having a second drug-detection dog, the Bonner County Sheriff's Office will be able to cover all the shifts they work.

Past her sweet temperament, the 19-month-old lab is a K9 ready to get to work.

"She's trained for heroin, cocaine, meth, ecstasy, and marijuana,” Deputy Tom Cimbalik, Nova’s handler, said.

The pair got to know each at a kennel in Western Washington where Nova came from.

"We trained for three weeks there,” Cimbalik said.

For a total of 160 hours, Nova and Deputy Cimbalik worked together making sure Nova's nose was up to the task and that she knew how to properly locate drugs.

"We work on room searches, vehicle searches, exterior searches,” Cimbalik said.

Just last week, Nova became a certified K9 in Idaho. That means she and Cimbalik had to get 100 percent on their exam. With her joining the department, every patrol shift will now have a K9 unit available.

"It's going to allow us greater use of the dogs. And greater use for the other deputies,” Cimbalik said,

Just a day in, Nova has not made any busts yet. In the meantime, she and Deputy Cimbalik still have some work to do together.

"Our personalities match quite well,” Cimbalik said. “But still, every day, we've got to spend time playing and just getting to know each other."

Nova will be used primarily for searches during traffic stops but she is also trained to do searches of homes as well.