BONNER COUNTY, Idaho – A Bonner County deputy who was shot in the line of duty back in January will return to duty on Sunday.

Deputies Justin Penn and Michael Gagnon were both injured while serving an arrest warrant in Blanchard, Idaho. Officials said they were both shot with a .44 Magnum revolver and rushed to the hospital. Both underwent surgery.

Authorities said Deputy Penn was released after a few days. Deputy Gagnon was hospitalized for a week.

Deputy Gagnon received a full medical release to return to duty. He will be back on patrol starting Sunday.

“It’s a miracle and simply incredible that Mike has recovered so quickly from the injuries that he sustained less than four months ago. It was in God’s providence that the lives of Deputies Penn and Gagnon were protected and preserved that day of the shooting,” Sheriff Daryl Wheeler said in a release.

Deputy Penn is still on medical leave, according to Wheeler. He said he is scheduled for more surgeries and physical therapy before he returns to duty.