SAGLE, Idaho – Leaders in Bonner County declared an emergency due to widespread flooding on Thursday. About a half dozen families were trapped after the only road in and out washed away.

A washout on Sagle Creek Road trapped Kyle Rupert and Jordan Williams.

Bob Howard, Director of Emergency Management in Bonner County the flooding is some of the worst the county has seen in a few years. There are reports of minor mudslides and flooded homes.

“All of our county departments that are pertinent to disaster mitigation are fully engaged in the mitigation process,” said Howard.

Thursday morning, county commissioners declared a disaster. The declarations free up the budget, allows contractors to be hired, and opens the door to possible assistance from the state of Idaho. Around a dozen roads are affected in a major way.

Other gravel roads in the county are soft or are riddled with potholes, but the county is not able to fix them yet. The county has a lot on their hands.

“It would be nice if they were working on it and you weren’t standing on the other side,” Williams said.

The county expects to have a temporary fix in place by Thursday night.