A missing man originally reported as safe is now apparently still missing from Benewah County.

Dewey or “Duke” Shawver was last seen on Nov. 20. On Dec. 11, the Benewah County Sheriff’s Office closed the case, they said because a deputy that works for the Shoshone Sheriff’s Office said he had been in contact with a friend of Shawver’s. The deputy told Benewah County Sheriff’s Office that “Duke wanted him to contact Law Enforcement that he was alright and that he had some personal problems to work out and needed some time alone.”

The Benewah County Sheriff’s Office said they asked if the individual was reliable, and were told that he was.

Family later contacted the Benewah County Sheriff’s Office, officials said, and asked to get in touch with Shawver. BCSO said they called the Shoshone deputy to get information and were told that he remembered the contact talking to them but could not remember who the person was.

“We started looking into the case, talking to several people and brought I.S.P. detectives on board and re-opened the case.,” BCSO said in a Facebook comment.

They said Shawver’s cell phone was last used in March in the Seattle area, and has since been shut off. His pick-up has not been seen since the first of the year, BCSO said.

Shawver has blue eyes and weighs 250 pounds. He drives a 2006 Ford F350, with the license plate KV2800.

If you have any information about Shawver, you are asked to call the Benewah County Sheriff’s Office at 208-245-2555.