AIRWAY HEIGHTS, Wash. –City officials said the water was safe to drink on Monday, but some residents in Airway Heights are still uneasy about the safety of the drinking water.

Residents in the community were without clean tap water for 20 days. The crews handing out bottled water in the city stayed busy throughout Monday despite lifting the water advisory.

"I think as a community we are glad to be in this position,” said Albert Tripp, Airway Heights City Manager. “It means that we can resume the use of the water from the taps without any type of concern."

But there are still some concerns.

"Sad to say but I really don't trust it," said Denise Ellenwood, Airway Heights resident.

Ellenwood worries about the damage already done and the long term effects the contaminants could have on her family.

"It seems like there could be cancers and weakened immune systems and other things that make me nervous for the future of my children and their health,” Ellenwood said.

Ellenwood said she and her family will stick to drinking and cooking with bottled water for now.

That feeling is similar for another Airway Heights family.

“We are going to wait a few days to make sure the water is okay,” said Staci Aryes, Airway Heights resident. “For my kids and stuff we are going to wait."

City officials said they will continue to test and monitor the water system and are looking at long-term plans to keep the water safe.