AIRWAY HEIGHTS, Wash. –The city of Airway Heights said the results of their water testing are not available.

Some residents of Airway Heights said they won't trust the water until they have those results.

One resident and his family, Justin Deal, aren't planning on drinking their tap water any time soon even though the city of Airway Heights has lifted its water advisory.

Deal said he wants to see the results of the tests done on the water system.

"Anybody could come out and say anything but do you have proof?" Deal said.

Deal said he wants to see the numbers that show every water sample is below the EPA advisory level of 70 Parts Per Trillion as well as where each sample was taken.

"Own what's going on and show us proof in writing,” Deal said. “Show us how you're testing it, what you're using to test it and where.”

A short drive from Deal's house is where Anthony Guana lives with his son AJ. They are also still using bottled water.

"I like to see continued testing throughout the city in the days and weeks to come or if they'd be willing to have the government do a filtration system,” Guana said.

Public test results, continued testing and potential new filtration systems could ease some concerns but residents are worried the damage may already be done.

"I'm worried about my son having some of the long-term effects that they're talking about,” Guana said.

For now, many Airway Heights residents are still going to use bottled water even if they have to buy it themselves now that the water distribution is over.