AIRWAY HEIGHTS, Wash. – As of Tuesday, over 130,000 gallons of water have been handed out to Airway Heights residents.

The city said they expect to do another round of water sampling this week to see if the water is finally safe.

In the meantime, residents have been without clean drinking water. One Airway Heights family has gone as far as cutting off all use of their tap water.

Justin and Taylor Deal are in the same boat as most of their neighbors. Their water is unsafe.

"All we've used our water for is watering the yard and laundry," Justin said.

Taylor is newly pregnant and so aside from using their sprinklers and doing laundry, they're following doctor's orders to cut off all use of their water.

"We went to the doctor and they did research for us and luckily there's nothing wrong, but they highly recommended she stop using the water,” Deal said. “Stop brushing your teeth, stop showering with it just to be safe because there are some pretty serious side effects to the chemicals that's in the water."

If you've consumed the contaminated water, experts said you won't see the side effects right away, they start to show over a long period and can affect a developing fetus and child.

"My wife has to go to another house just to shower because she is newly pregnant,” Deal said. “And just because of medical reasons it's better to be safer than sorry.”

So to get by over the last 21 days, the Deal family has been refilling water kegs in Green Bluff and using water from the distribution site.

"That's honestly the only thing that's saved us, the fact that they are able to bring us kegs, and I have to go up there every two day just to get more." Taylor said.

The city said it will be sending off another round of water samples this week for testing. The Deals are more than eager to finally hear some good news.

In the meantime, they will just keep on refilling.