ADAMS CO., Wash. --- A car on Thursday morning found himself and his car falling 15 ft. into a washed out section of Lind Warden Road.

Adams County Sheriff Department said the driver was able to get himself out of the car, before it was swept away by the rushing water. Officials said the driver climbed back up to the road, and flagged over other cars to warn them.

By local estimates, that part of Adams County received over three-quarters of an inch of rain over the last 24 hours. Before crews can make a game plan, they will first have to wait for the water to die down. There's plenty of standing water in other parts of the county. Crews are keeping busy in the meantime checking out other roads for problems.

Road crews, as of Thursday morning, blocked the Lind Warden Highway at Roxboro Road on the west side of the wash and at Highway 21 on the east side of it.

“No through traffic will be allowed through the barricades, no exceptions,” wrote Sheriff Dale Wagner in a release. “Violators will be cited.”

Engineers told KREM 2 it will likely be about three to four weeks before they can fix the road. They said there is one home nearby, but no one is stranded as a result of the wash out.

Wagner said people need to be attentive to roadways as this weather “soften things up quickly.”