BOISE - Before he passed away last week, Adam West asked that his fans support a cause that was close to his heart - helping kids with cancer.

A post to his Twitter account on Wednesday read, "AW's request before he passed - keep his light shining by helping kids with cancer." The post included a link to Idaho nonprofit Camp Rainbow Gold, and the words, "Pls donate if you can."

Camp Rainbow Gold responded by saying, "What an incredible honor to have America's favorite hero choose to support the young hero's of Camp Rainbow Gold."

The 88-year-old West, who died Friday after a battle with leukemia, was best known for portraying the title character in the 1960s series "Batman."

He had homes in southern California, but he and his wife, Marcelle, spent most of their time at their ranch near Sun Valley.

Camp Rainbow Gold helps children and families affected by cancer to experience the outdoors.

The group made headlines recently after its application to build a camp near the town of Triumph, in Blaine County, was denied by the county's planning and zoning commission.

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