SPOKANE, Wash.—A Spokane woman traveled down memory lane as new stars were dedicated in front of the Fox Theater.

Spokane’s very own “Walk of Stars” gained a few more stars Friday, including one for a 93-year-old woman who was there for the theater’s grand opening.

Donor Joan Degerstrom said the Fox holds special significance to her.

“My mother and father and brother and I were standing in the street when they opened. Had the big opening. And there were two or three men and a little girl standing on the roof, and the whole intersection was totally full of people, because this was a big event, because all of the other theaters were just sort of regular theaters, and this was like a palace,” said Degerstrom.

Degerstrom recalled all the memories she had at the Fox growing up, including movies, symphonies, news and cartoons.

“It was an experience going to the Fox. And during high school, it was a good date, going to a movie. And it cost like 25 cents,” said Degerstrom.

Degerstrom said she her grandchildren will walk by the Fox someday and say, “Oh, there’s Grandma’s name!”

Degerstrom said she supports the theater because she believed it was important to keep it going in Spokane.