SPOKANE, Wash. — Bill Town has spent 28 years volunteering at the Public Safety Building. He is a senior volunteer for the Spokane Police Department and just turned 90-years-old.

Town is always looking for ways to keep busy.

"I lost my wife in 2002 so it just helps pass the time,” Town said.

He signed up for the Spokane Police Volunteer program 28 years ago with his late wife Arlene after seeing an ad in the paper. Now, he has 11,750 volunteer hours and keeps adding more.

"I didn't think I'd ever be here this long at all," Town said.

Town initially started out answering the phones. Then, he became a gate keeper to the records window, making sure the line is kept in order.

"I just direct the traffic and keep the flow going,” Town said.

The 90-year-old is known for his hard work and dependability as a volunteer. He also tallies how many people come through his line throughout the day.

"The best day we've had was 73 in the morning and 40 something in the afternoon,” Town said. “We broke 100."

Chief Craig Meidl said Town is a dependable employee for the Public Safety Building.

“He's dependable. He shows up every day for work,” Meidl said. “He's always going to be where he says he'll be, when he'll be there."

To celebrate Town turning 90, the department put on a surprise birthday party.

"The Sergeant come over and said I want to talk to you. I asked what about. He said I just want to talk...and he said it really stern and I thought I had done something wrong,” Town said. “I got back there and there were about 40 people in the room and a big cake. I was flabbergasted."

The surprises did not end there. Town was presented the President's Lifetime Achievement Award.

Since Town likes to keep busy, not even his birthday party could slow him down. After a piece of cake and expressing his gratitude, he went back to managing his line.

"I went right back. I knew there were people waiting and so I asked to be relieved and they said ok," Town said.