SPOKANE, Wash. – City of Spokane representatives are encouraging locals to download the app, Quick Pay, to help pay for metered parking in downtown Spokane.

The app allows you to pay for parking on your phone. You can pay using a barcode scan on the physical meter or pay through text message.

There has been confusion swirling in regards to the app about misleading notifications. When your allotted two hours are up, can you add more time via your phone and stay in the same spot? Or, are you only allowed to park in a spot for two hours?

KREM 2 On Your Side heard about the confusion and decided to try out it for ourselves.

Paying by app is quick and easy. However, the app will not allow you to pay for time past your allotted two hours. 2 On Your Side tried to pay for more than 2 hours, but received a text message that said the daily maximum had been reached and the session could no longer be extended.

“If you've already stayed the maximum amount of time, the parking meter app will only allow you to extend 15 minutes. If you try to extend again it will not allow you. If you go back to the meter and try to scan it with the Q-R code, it will not allow you to add additional time,” said Julie Happy with the City of Spokane.

City officials said the text message tells you that you need to get out of your spot as soon as your two hours ended. They said the “extend option” is a grace period for visitors to get back to their cars and leave the spot.

Once again to clarify, once your two hours are up, you have a 15-minute grace period to get to your car and free up the spot.