Get ready to dial all ten digits if you are calling someone in Western Washington.

Starting July 29, all local calls within the four existing area codes (206, 253, 360, and 425) will require callers to dial all ten digits, according to the Washington State Utilities and Transportation Commission. Those calls will remain local even though you'll have to dial ten digits.

A six-month grace period will begin January 28. During that time, you can dial either a 7-digit or 10-digit number.

Long distance calls will still require a 1- plus the number.

This all comes in advance of the new 564 area code which launches August 28, 2017. Current phone numbers will not change and neither the price of a call.

Nothing changes with calling 911, 211, 311, 511, or 811.

You're advised to make sure safety and security equipment such as alarm systems and medical alert devices are updated to dial ten digits.

Learn more at the UTC's website or contact your phone service provider.