SPOKANE. Wash.—Local city councils have been weighing in on national policies recently.

Last week the Spokane City Council adopted an ordinance regarding climate change and carbon emissions.At the end of this month, the council plans to introduce a resolution on net neutrality.

A Gonzaga political science professor said that while the issues discussed and decisions are made on a federal level, there is weight behind smaller governments’ measures and opinions.

Political science professor, Dr. Michael Treleaven said he thinks people would view smaller government influences as a good thing, but said it could also have its set-backs.

“I think people would see increased grassroots activism as maybe a good thing. People getting engaged in politics. But I also wonder if there's some sort of corrosive nature with taking a small body of people who might be able to agree on things like roads and parks, and putting a wedge in between them,” said Dr. Treleaven.

Dr. Treleaven told KREM 2 there were multiple examples of small governments influencing change on a larger level. That included drafting the Declaration of Independence, and abolishing slavery.

According to Dr. Treleaven, while the nation seems to be politically divided right now, times like the Vietnam War were worse.