SPOKANE, Wash.—A local author shared the stories of powerful Spokane women at a book launch party Wednesday.

Author Nancy Driscol Engle debuted her book “Influential Women of Spokane” after over a decade of research and putting it together.

The book was broken into two parts, “Building a Fair City”, and “Seeking Women’s Right’s”.

“Building a Fair City” told the stories of women who provided services and charities to Spokane.

The second section, titled “Seeking Women’s Rights” talks about the women who fought for a woman’s right to become a police officer in Spokane, and also the women who made voting rights possible women in the state of Washington.

The novel started with the story of Mother Joseph who was one of the state's first female architects and also the woman behind Sacred Heart Medical Center.

Engle said since there were so many great women in Spokane’s history, there were many stories to tell.

"The thread that unites all these women is their effort to make a difference in other people's lives in the city of Spokane (and to) help the city of Spokane grow," said Engle. "I am just happy to have the stories actually written and be able to share."

The book starts in the late 1880s and ends in 1910, the year women in Washington State were finally able to vote.