SPOKANE, Wash.—A local artist put his talent to work to beatify and inspire the city of Spokane.

Mural painter, Daniel Lopez said he’s been painting murals for about four years.

Lopez said the paintings not only gave him something to do, but also helped him create a name for himself.

He used just a few cans of paint to bring beauty to concrete around the city.

His latest work took place under the Altamont overpass.

“I'm always trying to do something new. But this one is magpies and finches, and they're flying together. Not against each other. They're all in the same sky, you know, there's enough room for everybody to fly,” said Lopez.

The piece was funded by Spokane Arts after a city-wide call for artists was made.

Executive Director of Spokane arts, Melissa Huggins, said a committee narrowed it down to three finalists, but Lopez's piece rose to the top.

"Daniel's proposal rose to the top not only because it's vibrant and colorful, but because of his commitment to engaging the community and working with the neighborhood to make sure the mural would be enjoyed by them," said Huggins.

Lopez said as his projects take shape and his purpose is fulfilled, he hopes his painting of unity will inspire passersby and beautify Spokane.

“I'm just super thankful. You know I try to support local because local supports me. And Spokane has supported me. And that's why I've made it. And I try to do what I can,” said Lopez.

Lopez said it’s sometimes easier for him to use art to vent than to actually vent.