SPOKANE, Wash.—Law enforcement across the region are teaming up to make the waters safer this holiday weekend.

Law enforcement agencies will increase their boat patrols for what is called Operation Dry Water weekend. The patrols will be cracking down on people boating under the influence.

Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputy, James Ebel, said alcohol remains the primary cause for recreational boating deaths. He said that is because people don’t always know how differently alcohol affects them on the water compared to on land.

“The folks that want to go out and have a good time and they drink all day, they don't realize that being in the sun and being on a boat it's going to affect you a lot more,” said Ebel.

A study from the coast guard reported having one beer on the water after being out all day has the same affects as having three on land.

Last year when law enforcement launched Operation Dry Weekend the combined 538 participating agencies had officers issue 18,659 citations and make 367 arrests.

Authorities said while there will definitely be more law enforcement boats on the water, they can't have eyes everywhere. They urged people to call crime check if they see boaters who are acting dangerously.