SPOKANE, Wash.—Suspects can run, but they can’t hide from K9 Khan.

Spokane Valley deputies responded to an assist call from a Washington State Patrol trooper who was pursuing a red Honda near Mission Valley Park Tuesday Morning, according to reports.

SCSO officials said the driver, Jason Kline parked the vehicle in that area and fled on foot.

Law enforcement said they told the suspect a K9 would be used to find him and if he didn’t surrender he would be bitten.

SCSO deputies said they sent K9 Khan onto the scene to track and find the suspect.

Reports from the SCSO said the search continued until K9 Khan worked his way toward a blue recycle bin with a closed lid and began to bark.

Several announcements for the suspect to show his hands and surrender were given without a response. Another announcement was given and Deputy Kullman noticed the lid of the can rise approximately 2 inches and closed. K9 Khan was held on long lead while additional commands to surrender were given, according to SCSO reports.

Law enforcement said Kline only showed the deputy one hand after several commands.

Reports said Deputy Kullman said he did not know if Kline was armed and deployed K9 Khan. K9 Khan immediately made contact with Kline and tipped over the bin. When Kullman was able to see that both Kline’s hands were empty, Deputy Nathan Booth moved in and took Kline into custody without further incident, according to SCSO reports.