SPOKANE, Wash. --- A Spokane County Sheriff’s Office K-9 captured a suspect who tried to escape from police early Thursday morning.

SCSO said a Spokane Valley deputy saw a car speeding down the road early Thursday morning. The car led the deputy on a chase onto Interstate 90, then off at the Hamilton exit.

SVPD stopped the chase because the suspect, Derek Schilling, 27, near Bridgeport and Regal.

“The pursuit was terminated…due to the increased risk caused by Schilling’s obvious disregard for the safety of the public, himself, and the deputy,” SVPD said in a release.

Officials said Schilling later sped through the intersection of Garland and Market into a field and crashed into the railroad tracks on the east side of Market. A deputy who had been heading that way to help with the pursuit before it was canceled watched the suspect wreck.

They deployed K-9 Khan after warning the suspect, deputies said. In a release, SCSO describes the suspect trying to kick and punch the dog away to escape. During the struggle, the two rolled down an embankment as the K-9 maintained his grasp, SCSO said.

Two deputies took Schilling into custody at the bottom of the hill; he was charged with attempting to elude a law enforcement vehicle, obstructing, driving while suspended 3rd and for a Washington State Department of Corrections escape community custody warrant.

Schilling was given medical attention before he was transported and booked at the Spokane County Jail. K-9 Khan was not hurt in the incident, SCSO said.