BENEWAH, Co., Idaho --- The Idaho Transportation Department is working to figure out a way to open one lane of State Highway 5 in Benewah County.

SH – 5 between Plummer and St. Maries closed last week after a section of the road cracked and began to sink. ITD referred to the road in that area as a “complete loss” last week, and Monday estimated the repairs at about $330,000.

The road sank about two feet overnight between Thursday and Friday, ITD officials said and has continued to move about one foot each day.

ITD said their crews have finished surveying and drilling in the area - which is between Parkside Road and Conkling Park Road - and plan construct a temporary one-lane so folks can get through.

ITD staff from Coeur d’Alene are meeting with a contractor Tuesday morning, officials said, to plan the temporary work.