SPOKANE, Wash.—Monday morning was a breath of fresh air for a lot of Inland Northwest residents.

The smoke and haze had started to clear out over the weekend, leaving the air quality at a “moderate” rating by the EPA.

National Weather Service meteorologist, Steven Van Horn described it as a great day of cleaner air.

“It was like the air went through a washing machine and came out clean,” he said.

Last week the air quality sat in the “unhealthy” and “unhealthy for sensitive groups” ranges for most of the week.

Photo: EPA airnow

Moderate air quality means that for the most part the air is acceptably healthy. There could be some pollutants in the air that effect a small number of people who are sensitive to air pollution.

Van Horn, said it was likely the clearer conditions could stick around. He said the NWS was predicting the region wouldn’t see as heavy smoke and haze as it was last week.

Van Horn said while conditions were not expected to get as bad as last week, fires in the region were still producing some smoke.