SPOKANE, Wash.—A one of a kind birth center in the Inland Northwest gives women in the area a unique birthing experience.

BirthWise center at Multicare Deaconess gives woman the at-home birthing experience without as many risks.

Mother, Morgan Brooks said she wouldn’t have had the experience any other way.

"I think the benefit is feeling empowered and feeling like you were in charge. Coming in and being able to say this is the way that I would prefer to have my baby and labor and stuff, and where you're just not set on anybody else's timeline, except for your own,” said Brooks.

Brooks said she had gone through miscarriages in the past and BirthWise gave her a new outlook.

"A natural delivery was kind of the way that I could prove to myself that it worked the way that it was supposed to and that I was fully capable of growing and birthing a baby,” said Brooks.

Registered nurse, Zibby Merritt said that experiences like Brooks’ were exactly what BirthWise aims to provide.

"Our role here at Multicare Deaconess is to empower women to have whatever type of birth experience they want, said Merritt.

The rooms have a jacuzzi, midwife designed bed, birth balls, and a staff hoping to make a woman's experience as comfortable as possible.

For more information about the birth center you can visit their website.