SPOKANE, Wash. -- You may have heard of hot yoga but it turns out yoga in the cold is a thing, too.
It is happening in Spokane on the new ice ribbon. The yoga itself is not happening right on the ice. There will be mats on the ice and then you put your yoga mat on those mats.

Robin Priti Ross is a yoga instructor who has been teaching all around the world for over two decades, to find out what this practice means for winter yogis.

Bikrim, or hot yoga became so popular because the warm climate helps your muscles relax so you can move more freely.

Ross said short bursts of large body movements, like walking quickly or running in place to get the blood flowing to your body's connective tissue and muscles will increase and maintain your internal body temperature in cold temperatures.

Once you raise your body temperature she recommends beginning your practice with breathing and poses that are specifically designed to heat up your internal thermometer. Bending over to touch your toes in a forward fold may not be ideal for your lower back or other parts of your body if you are not warm.
Cold weather yoga is an ideal way to enjoy the ice ribbon as long as you wear enough layers to stay warm but flexible.