The president and director of Seattle's Fred Hutch Institute says cancer can be cured by 2025.

Dr. Gary Gilliland made the claim while speaking at the Geekwire Summit at Seattle's Sheraton Hotel. It was part of a general discussion on technology as a way to reduce the rates of cancer.

Gilliland said in particular genome sequencing costs are falling, and it has opened the door for personalized medicine and immunotherapy.

He also says there have been advances and research, which has helped in preventive cures. Gilliland says HPV vaccinations for boys and girls between the ages of 11 and 13 years old has reduced rates of HPV-related cancers by as much as 66 percent. But he also noted the U.S. trails behind other developed countries in HPV vaccinations.

Gilliland also told KING 5 that what he hopes for out of any discussions about the future of health care coverage, that one line item stays the same.

"We need to allow coverage for all to cancer care treatment," he said.

The summit continues through Wednesday afternoon.