SEATTLE-- Things just got a little more gray in Seattle, but not in the way many would expect.

This weekend marks the start of the gray whale migration to Puget Sound.

Sarah Hank with the whale tour company Puget Sound Express says the beloved whales are now in the Puget Sound, feeding on ghost shrimp off the Snohomish Delta near Everett in very shallow water, about 10 feet deep.

Hank says the whales are about 45 feet long and weighs around 40 tons. Given the whales are in a small body of water, Hanke says people from the shore can generally see their blows, which can reach ten feet in the air.

Puget Sound Express, originally based out of Port Townsend, has been around for 32 years and opened a new location in Everett just three years ago.

Hank says the company follows environmental rules during their tours, and they strive to respect the whales’ environment.

“We’re just stewards of the water, watching their livelihood and their environment," she said.

To sign up for a tour, visit or call them at (360)385-5288. Tickets for adults range around $85, and children at $65.

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