SPOKANE, Wash.—A Spokane yoga studio joined the latest yoga trend by adding goats to their routine.

FatGirl Yoga partnered with Happy Heart Homestead to bring baby goats into their yoga studio for two sessions starting in August.

Goat yoga has been a trend that's sweeping the nation.

"I'd done some research and it showed goat yoga can just bring a lot of happiness to people who do it.," Stacey Sampson, the owner of FatGirl Yoga explained. "I thought it would be a fun event for my students to participate in, and the response has just been overwhelming."

In a Facebook post FatGirl Yoga assured attendees the event was 100 percent safe for both the goats and the yoga goers. The goats will have handlers on location.

Spaces are limited to 12 people per session, so people attending have room to stretch out and the baby goats are not overwhelmed.

Sampson said she would love to do goat yoga again after the incredible response this first time around, and said she was considering adding a third session at the end of August.