CALHOUN COUNTY, Ala. – Disney’s iconic ice princess Elsa was ‘arrested’ in Alabama and now one local sheriff is debating if he should ‘let her go.’

On Thursday, the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office (Ala.) posted a wanted poster on their Facebook page for the queen. They were ‘in search for this very dangerous fugitive known as Elsa.’

The post said she was wanted for the ‘ridiculously cold weather’ in Alabama.

On Friday, CCSO revealed on Facebook they had caught and arrested their fugitive.

Now when you have one Disney princess, another isn’t far behind. CCSO posted a photo of Jasmine who tried to bail her good friend out.

CCSO posted asking if they should allow Jasmine to bail Elsa out and ultimately ‘let her go.’

Editor's note: An earlier version of this story mistakenly referred to the sheriff's office as from Georgia. This Calhoun County is actually in Alabama. We regret the error.