SPOKANE, Wash. – It has been a long weekend for Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood.

Tuesday night wraps up their last of seven concerts in Spokane.

Fans can not get enough. They have been posting online about their experience. Some are saying it is one of the best concerts they have ever been to.

There have been some pretty cool moments to look back on.

Angie Howell won her tickets to the show through a raffle at work and it was her first concert ever.

“I am so excited I'm going to start crying," she told KREM 2 on the first night of shows.

Even what Brooks did off the stage will have a lasting effect on fans for years to come. He got to chat with Jordan Simon, a young man seriously injured in car crash the week before opening night. Simon is a huge Garth Brooks fan.

“Pretty sure it was dream come true," Simon said.

Brooks also had a chance to speak with some kids at a basketball camp at Gonzaga University spreading his message of love and encouragement.