SPOKANE, Wash --- A piece of metal came off a semi-truck and hit the windshield of a family going on vacation.

Trisha and David Hanson were about four hours into their trip, when out of nowhere the trip took a shocking turn.

“We were cruising along with the traffic and in the fast lane there was this piece of metal we later find out is a semi-truck rim,” said Trisha.

The Hansons were heading east on Interstate 90 near the Argonne exit, on their way to Sandpoint when it happened.

“A car hit it perfectly and it comes flying through the air. It just never even hit the ground it just kept coming and coming,” said Trisha.

The truck’s rim smacked the passenger side of the windshield sending glass flying onto Trisha. The chunk of metal punched a hole in the glass as well.

“I have it in my mouth still, and my legs are kind of cut up,” said Trisha.

The impact and David’s reaction to try to avoid hitting the rim caused the boat they were towing to go up on two wheels. David said he nearly lost control and at one point they were weaving through all three lanes and were afraid they were going to crash.

“I calmed myself down and told my husband he’s got this and he kept it straight,” said Trisha.

They pulled over to meet up with their children who were driving in different cars behind them and to clean up the mess in their car. They were all relieved the only damage was to the windshield of their car.

“The police officer that just left said we are lucky to be alive, he doesn’t know how that didn’t go through our windshield,” said Trisha.

In no time the Hansons were back on the road, still a bit shaken, but looking forward to making it to their vacation destination.