SPOKANE, Wash.—A shocking voicemail and a random text from her mother were the first things a flight attendant heard from her mom after the Las Vegas shooting.

Ali LaCombe picked up her phone after being in the air for five hours for the first time and heard what happened.

The text read, "We made it back to the hotel... we're ok. So many people were shot. Lisa helped a few... omg! I can't believe it."

LaCombe said all she knew when she landed was that her mom and aunt were at a concert in Las Vegas.

LaCombe responded to the text, “What happened?”

After that text LaCombe’s mother replied with a terrifying answer.

“There was a shooting at the concert. So many were shot. Lisa helped the wounded," her mother texted her.

LaCombe said sheer trauma masked an incredible, brave effort as her mom and aunt saved people's lives.

LaCombe said she tried to call her mother but couldn’t.

If the texts weren't horrifying enough, LaCombe said she noticed she had a voicemail from her mom.

“Ali! There's been a shooting at the concert. We don't know what's going to happen. I love you guys!" the voicemail from her mother said.

All of these events played out while LaCombe was at work and still had a job to do.

"I would cry and then stop and pull myself together. I was at work," said LaCombe.

LaCombe said her mom and aunt were shaken, but okay.

Her mom and aunt had spent most of their time in the front row of the events, but in a turn of fate Sunday night, they stayed in the back, according to LaCombe.

LaCombe was reunited with her mom Tuesday night after a three-day trip that included a layover in Spokane.